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M2 Math

Welcome to Math Squared

Math Squared is an exciting program, proudly developed in the 2000’s, in Silicon Valley, California to enhance and support the existing math curriculum in public schools. Built upon four building blocks of math understanding, Math Squared challenges the student to develop a sense of problem solving ability while making math learning fun.

Math Squared offers its program to other math educational systems and tutors for a licensing fee to expand its curriculum to new communities.

What is so special about our program?

  • Concept building
  • Application and problem solving
  • Computation speed and accuracy
  • Logic and Geometric composition

Our self-paced, individualized program allows children to progress according to their ability. Students are periodically evaluated by experienced tutors and the program is tailored to fit each child’s specific needs. Our program incorporates colorful workbooks and fun manipulative tools that engage and stimulate children as they learn.


M2 是國際性的數學教材,成立於1996年,在美國,加拿大,澳洲,紐西蘭,中國,臺灣,新加坡,印尼…….等,都有加盟教室,紐西蘭也於2004引進M2數學,十年來也有多家加盟教室,「給孩子最理想的數學教育」是M2數學一直堅持與努力的方向,M2以十四個學習階段鋪排學習順序,已經有數十萬名的家長,指定用M2來協助孩子學習數學。

M2教師引導每個孩子樹立自信,建構屬於自己的學習成就, M2數學重視培養孩子「問」的能力,引導孩子描繪他的「不會」,協助孩子「解決問題」的步驟,並引導孩子「深思考」的素質。




About us

M2 is a series of international math materials. It was established in 1996. There are franchisees in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia ….etc. M2 was introduced to NZ in 2004. After 10 years, there are now many franchisees.

“Provide the best maths education” is our credo.There are fourteen steps to helping children learn math. Hundreds of thousands of parents have chosen M2 as their children’s math learning materials.

Teachers guide children to build up their confidence in learning and achieve their own learning outcomes. M2 focuses on cultivating children’s ability to ask questions, guiding them to depict their question, assisting them to develop problem solving skills and guiding them to think in their own way.

Our children will face many unexpected and new challenges.  While we cannot predict all the situations they will encounter, what we can do for our children is to give them the ability to think outside the square.  This is also the core value and what M2 seeks to provide.


Give Your Child the Math Squared Advantage and Build Math Proficiency at Any Level

In today’s highly competitive world, your children need a boost to succeed in school, and in the future. Math Squared can give your children that boost by helping them reach their full academic potential through innovative, challenging and personalized math instruction.

Math Squared’s individualized teaching system will significantly improve children’s understanding of math concepts, and assist them in first reaching, and then exceeding, their math goals. The key to the system is that it is self-paced. With the help of Math Squared’s highly skilled instructors, children progress through a series of fun yet stimulating workbooks according to their ability, not their grade level.

A Fresh, New Approach to Teaching Math

At Math Squared, a team of engineers, psychologists and math educators have drawn upon their individual areas of expertise and have collaborated to design an entirely new system of teaching math. Their goal – to combine the best in educational disciplines from the U.S. and around the world to assist math students in grades K -6 develop a deeper understanding of math and, more importantly, problem solving in general. This is what sets Math Squared apart from other math tutoring programs, many of which simply strive to perfect memorization by their students of the basics in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through repetition and drills. Math Squared, on the other hand, recognizes that mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, while important, will only get the student so far. The greatest benefit of studying math is that it teaches children to think logically, creatively and to learn problem solving skills that can be applied everyday for the rest of their lives. Thus, while other systems may help your child develop math skills, Math Squared’s system has the higher goal of helping your child develop life skills. This goal is the foundation of Math Squared’s curriculum, and the thousands of students who have gone through Math Squared’s program can attest to its success.

Real World Applications for Problem Solving

By applying mathematical concepts to real world problems, we make learning relevant and more interesting. Your child increases retention and understanding and, at the same time, learns how to apply problem solving techniques to new situations.

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